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Special Opportunity! Saturday May 21 9-11am

Hi all,

The City of Mill Valley has a contractor starting tomorrow morning to fix the very top section of the Tenderfoot Trail, aka SLP43, where it reaches Upper Edgewood. Upper Edgewood drops down from the Mt. Home Inn.

The City has asked if we might be able to muster around 10 volunteers to help place road base gravel over about 20' of curving steps located immediately below the trail entrance at the first switchback (see map). This project should not take long if we can get 10 folks onboard and given y'all took yesterday off (except for Mike Mooney and me 🍻) I think we should be able to do this.

Seems like a great time for a nice morning hike up the Tenderfoot (start on Cascade not far past the Cascade Falls parking, a bit of work, and then lunch at the Mt Home Inn or a nice hike back to town. There is limited parking at the top, just FYI, but we should be able to park a few cars around.

Please RSVP directly to me so I can keep a count. Let's do this. It will be EASY.

Thanks, and as always - you are so appreciated by the community!


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