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Saturday Oct.9th 2021, SLP 69. Let's do this!

Hi all,

To start - congrats to all 330 of you who have asked to stay connected to the MV Friends of the Steps Lanes and Paths. Many of you are regular 2nd Saturday volunteers , others are SLP Adopters , and all of you simply like to stay in contact with us and support our Steps Lanes and Paths. Thank you everyone!

A couple of weeks ago we embarked on Phase 1 of a multi-phase project helping the City rebuild SLP69 between Hillside and Oakdale.

This Saturday we are again going back to continue our work. The 3 photos below show Before, After, Next so you can get an idea of what we are doing. With enough people this work goes by quickly as we just pass buckets loaded with a few inches of gravel from person to person as we fill up the landings. Easy with enough people. Not no easy if we end up walking up and down the steps with the buckets. That gets tiring really fast. Enough folks and we just play the bucket brigade game and it is fun and rewarding and not that hard.

So, SATURDAY MORNING 10/9 9AM-NOON (we usually finish by 11 or so). Bring GLOVES and WATER and A FRIEND. This one is not really a good project for youngkids, but teens are absolutely welcome (get those slackers out of bed!)

Please RSVP to me (just reply to this or text me) so I have a reasonable idea how many folks to expect. I am hoping for 20. (Keep in mind that we always take breaks, always load no more than two shovels of gravel per bucket, and everyone is encouraged to balance fun, chit chat and laughter with actual work.)


Hugh Kuhn


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