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MV SLP Friends Feb 2nd, 2021

Hello and happy February to everybody on the Friends of the Steps, Lanes and Paths "Roster".

We have a new President. The Pandemic seems to have some light at the end of the tunnel. Our weather hasn't sucked.

So our SLP Adopters have been doing a good job as usual - THANK YOU. If you are not an Adopter you should consider it. No need to wait for a project to do as you can do your very own project on your very own SLP. Sweep. Rake. Prune. Plant flowers. Build a fairyland. Whatever you want. Just say the word.

We are still pretty much in a Second Saturday Limbo phase right now, but I am taking suggestions for future projects. Know of any SLP that is in need of a Spring tuneup? 14 has its normal weeds and could use new rock, 16 (noted as 311 on the map between Molino and Wildomar) needs new steps. 48 has a plant clogged culvert adjacent, many need a railing built, and the bottom of 17 still needs some work. But what do you see that I need to know about?

If anyone is motivated, please take some soap and water and a strong scrub brush out to one of the blue "E" markers on the street near an SLP and see if it scrubs up or not. It's been on my to-do list for ages because I need to know whether we ought to mobilize to scrub these buggers sometime. Thanks.

Lastly, if you live anywhere near the upper intersection of Summit and Tamalpais and are interested in a NEW SLP dropping from there down to Lovell (it would become SLP 160) by all means drop a polite note to the City (Council, Parks and Rec Commission, Emergency Preparedness Commission, DPW) suggesting that building out 160 would be a very good idea.... Let them know you are part of the Friends of the SLPs and that we would certainly help in any way to lower costs...

Enjoy the Superbowl (within your POD) if you are into an excuse to drink that differs from the normal pandemic excuse.



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