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May 8, 2021 2nd Tuesday Postponed to June

Hello SLP Friends,

Well... best laid plans and all. Unfortunately the contractor who was to be working on SLP69, and have it ready for us by Saturday, has been in the hospital and the project is delayed. I just got word of this today, and oops I don't have a backup project planned. So, we will need to punt until June. June 12, 9-Noon to be exact. I will keep you posted on the status of SLP69 (or you can meander over there to look), and I will come up with a plan B so yes we WILL have a project in June. That said, maybe I can ask a favor. In lieu of a project this Saturday morning might each of you choose one of the following things to do and set out on your own to do your thing for an hour or two? - Weed, rake or sweep the SLP closest to your home - Explore a few SLPs and report back any that you see that could use either a handrail or some deep TLC or a well-placed bench I look forward to hearing what you decided to do and will share the best of the efforts with all! Regards, Hugh Kuhn P.S. WELCOME NEW FOLKS! Our list of SLP Friends is over 250 people strong, and that means we have critical mass to do additional wonders on steps, lanes and paths here in MV and (soon) Tam Valley, Altamont and Homestead. P.P.S. Installing railings, which Eric Woodhouse and I took a shot at this past week on SLP75, is a bit of a small crew job. To that end I'd like to create a "SWAT" team to work on railings over the coming year after gaining enough experience in installation best practices. Eric and I learned a lot (well I did, Eric was patient with me) and I'm sure each one will be better than the last. If you are interested in such an endeavor let me know by reply. Installations will most likely take place on weekdays, but not necessarily. The city does the footings, we do the woodwork.