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Friends of the SLPs Update

Hi all,

I hope you are all healthy and settled into your Covid avoidance routines, looking forward to a fall and winter curled up with good books, warm jammies, and unlimited box wine. As you know we have not been able to tackle any Second Saturday work projects since last February or so. Not good, but needed to stay safe. I want to thank all of you who have taken it upon yourself to care for your nearby or favorite SLPs by sweeping, raking, pruning, weeding etc. Several of you have stepped up formally to ADOPT your favorite SLP, which is even more awesome. Thanks.

Our list of "Friends" has grown to over 250 individuals in town. This is a beautiful thing. So many folks have asked me when we are going to restart our group volunteer efforts - my answer is AS SOON AS WE CAN DO SO SAFELY. That said, we should have a great project for a solid group of masked volunteers shortly. I have been working with the City to rebuild SLP17, which runs between Molino and lower Wildomar. The City plans to contract to have new stringers and 6x8 treads placed and our role will be to help offset the City by providing LABOR to place and pack new rock between the treads. We will work from the top down and use a Covid-spaced partially-filled bucket brigade strategy to spread out the work and stay safe.

This work should happen sometime during the next couple of weeks. I will follow up with more details shortly. My hope is that we can get 20 volunteers for 2 hours or so and maybe another set of volunteers again later to finish up. Please reply (not reply all) if you are interested in helping out, pending date and time.



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