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Almonte Again! Saturday April 9th, 9AM-NOON

Hi all,

Well, the project we tackled last month behind Tam High was a doozy, but it highlighted how much work needs to be done to help out our neighbors in the Almonte area. They have been striving to create a sister organization of Almonte locals to leverage our experience within the City Limits, and we are all for helping kickstart this effort.

As such, our next project will also be in the Almonte area. DO COME for it will be a fun one, and nowhere as challenging as the March project (I'm saving one of those for us to tackle later ).

We will be mostly doing VEGETATION REMOVAL (aka weeding and pruning), so anyone can contribute!

WHEN: Saturday April 9, 9am - Noon

WHERE: The Cardinal/Crimson Steps located between 150 Stanford Avenue and 131 Harvard Avenue. See map below. Park wherever you find a legal spot if you drive.

BRING: GLOVES, weeding tools such as hand pruners, loppers, hoes, and such, WATER, and a SENSE OF HUMOR.

I will be dropping off some equipment on the bottom (across from 131 Harvard) and then heading up to the top (across from 150 Stanford). We will be weeding and cutting back some overgrown ivy, and everything will need to fit into large brown paper cuttings bags which I will also provide.

No need to RSVP for this one, but if you live in the Almonte area by all means do come and bring your neighbors!

Questions? Call me on 415-385-1614. Otherwise, see you Saturday!


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