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2nd Saturday Volunteer Event, Feb. 12th SLPs 47 & 48

Hi all,

This springlike weather should have all of us out and about wandering the SLPs and generally feeling fortunate and appreciative that we live in a community that cares. I sincerely hope none of you have been negatively impacted by Covid (at least not more that we all have), and that we get out of this craziness soon.

In any event, we ARE going to work on a project on February 12 starting at 9am, and though this won't be a giant project I hope many of you can swing by for a little bit of camaraderie and maybe pull a weed or two.

SLP's 47 and 48 comprise the Oak Lane Steps running from Oak Lane (off of Lovell just uphill from Elma) up to Cornelia and then again up from Cornelia to Tamalpais Avenue. These steps were built years ago by a dedicated group of neighbors who have cared for them for years. Time marches on and now it is OUR TURN to take over care and feeding of the Oak Lane Steps.

We are going to pull a few weeds and rake the steps then refill some washed out treads with decomposed granite. A couple of lucky volunteers also get to work on clearing out a clogged drainage pipe

that crosses under the steps, and a few get to place a small amount of rip-rap under the lowermost bridge where the recent huge rains have started to undermine the bridge supports. The City will be repairing a broken handrail at the top of 48.

Parking is not straightforward. I would suggest parking next to Old Mill School on Elma or Lovell and walking up.

What to bring:

Mask (if you want, not required)



(If you have an electric weed eater feel free to bring it. We can trim up the edges...)

No RSPV needed. Just show up with a smile. RAIN CANCELS.


Hugh Kuhn

415-385-1614 if you have questions. Text or call.

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