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2nd Saturday, August 14th, 2021 9am Start

Hi all,

OK, we are set for a general cleanup of SLP63 in Blithedale Canyon on Saturday morning the 14th.

We will be raking out leaves and already-cut grass/weeds, cutting out some acacia sprouts, digging out some stubborn weeds and generally pruning and sprucing it up. Not a huge project, but heck they can't all involve 180 stairs and rock, right?

If we have time we will walk over to SLP64 and rake that out a tad also. There are a couple of stair risers on 64 that need to be replaced and I will try to come prepared to do that work too.

What to bring: Gloves, water, rakes, weeding tools, pruning shears, loppers, mask if desired, sense of humor



NOTE: If you are not vaccinated please do not come.

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