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Checking In. SLP Maps. Adoptions.

Hello Friends of the Steps Lanes and Paths!

Well, here we are - LATE JULY! - and we are still sheltering in place, wearing masks, social distancing and basically going a bit crazy. Good news is we are all in this together. Bad news is we still can't really get together to do any work on the SLPs. I thought I'd drop a note to y'all since it's been a while and we have a number of NEW "members". Welcome to all of you who have discovered our SLPs during this crazy time and reached out to me to volunteer to help keep our SLPs up to snuff.

A couple of things. First, I have about 20 hardcopy SLP maps and if you need one drop me a note (simply reply here) and I'll let you know how to get one. First come first served until they run out.

Second, please consider joining up with a neighbor (or with your spouse or kids) and "adopting" your very own SLP. This is a very fun way for all of us to do our part to keep the SLPs in good shape, especially when we cannot gather as a group. Adopters have an easy job. Pull weeds in the spring, rake off leaves in the fall, sweep as needed, keep an eye on handrails, steps, etc. and let me know if there are any issues that need more care than you can give. Some adopters have started their own little beautification efforts - flowers and such - which is great. We can always use new adopters because we have dozens and dozens and dozens of SLPs that need a caring friend. Just drop me a note (simply reply here) if you have an SLP in mind and I'll verify that it has not been adopted and voila! you are an SLP parent!

Lastly, given all of the hard work we have done over the past two years most of our SLPs are in pretty good shape. I'm always looking for new projects for us to tackle (maintenance, not construction) so if you know of an SLP that needs a bit of extra love by all means let me know so I can plan. (Note: a picture is worth a thousand words.)

Stay healthy. Be kind. And enjoy our many wonderful steps, lanes and paths.


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