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Checking In Friends of MV SLPs

Hello SLP Adopters,

I hope you are all well, and enjoying our absolutely insane summer. Thankfully we have our local SLPs to meander during our crazy Shelter-In-Place days - yet another wonderful reason we love Mill Valley.

Speaking of SLPs - I'm hoping that you've found some time to visit your adopted SLP recently to check up on weeds, etc. If not, put on your mask and gloves, plug in your earphones, turn on the music and hop to it! There are so many folks new to our SLPs (I just gave away 75 maps!) and we want their first impression to be one of awe.

And THANKS for your help keeping our SLPs tidy and safe.



P.S. If for any reason you are unable to continue with your adoption commitment please let me know so that I can find an alternate. Better yet, let me know the name and contact info of the alternate that you've found.

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