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Hi all,

Since we are not able to get out there as a group to work on the SLPs these days this would be a GREAT time for our broader SLP-loving community to consider "adopting" an SLP. What does that entail? A little bit of periodic TLC.

Adopters simply agree to take care of their adopted SLPs as best as they can. Weeding, pruning, raking, and sweeping are the main tasks most adopters are faced with, and those are often simple hour-a-month efforts that can be done with your spouse, kids, or even (socially distanced) neighbors. Should something more material need to be done to keep the SLP up to snuff, you just just let the City or me know and we will figure out how to step in to help (broken railings, etc.)

Simple. Fun. Helpful to all of us. And rewarding. What's not to love?

Right now we have well over 100 developed SLPs, and around 30 of them have been adopted. If you have a favorite nearby SLP you'd like to call your very own drop me a note with the SLP number and location. I will check to see if it is still an orphan, and if so you will become a formal SLP Adopter!


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