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Second Saturday Fun - Sat March 14

Hi all,

OK, it's springtime and that means nothing but fun - as long as the SARS-2-CoV bug stays away! I have a fun little project planned for this Saturday morning starting at 9. We are going to do a bit of TRAIL work on SLP336, the Myrtle Trail.

The Myrtle Trail is (currently) a dead end trail that starts at the end of the Myrtle Fire Road, which starts at the end of Myrtle Avenue. Myrtle Avenue is the first (and last) left hand turn off of Summit above the intersection of Summit and Tamalpais.

The trail meanders as a traverse from the fire road to a really pretty cascade of the upper levels of Cascade Creek. The trail continues around the valley and basically peters out before it's chance to connect to Evelyn or Lovell (more on that later). Many Mill Valleyites have never been to the Cascade Cascades (my name for it), so this will be a good chance for y'all to learn something new.

We will likely have additional work days up there as it is the dream of many to evolve this trail into a loop similar to the Cypress Trail, but for now our goal is simply to introduce the Friends to this, and to do a bit of trailside brush cutback and such. We may also place a couple of "planks' over two areas where the trail is often wet (spring water) or a small crevasse has been eroded.

There is ONE CHALLENGE. Parking is REALLY limited and we will need to WALK the length of the fire road carrying our tools. It's a pretty hike, so just consider that part of the "work effort". You will want to try to carpool up and be very cognizant to ensure you are parking legally.



  • Hand Pruners

  • Loppers

  • Hedge Trimmers

  • Bow Saw or Branch Saw

No rakes, shovels, etc. needed.

Please RSVP with your CELL NUMBER so that if we need to cancel I can reach you. Call me with any questions anytime.



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