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Welcome and Thank You Friends!

Hi all,

I'd like to welcome all of you who have recently asked to be added to our Friends of the Steps Lanes and Paths roster. We are a fun, diverse group of folks who enjoy our SLPs and are committed to keeping them up for all to enjoy. I hope you will be able to join us on one of our monthly work parties or consider adopting one of your favorite SLPs (basically agree to sweep it and such periodically). But most of all - welcome! You can ping me anytime at or call/text me on 415-385-1614 if you ever have any questions or ideas on things we can do that would be fun and beneficial to our SLP efforts and group.

Recently I was honored by the California Parks and Recreation Society for my volunteer work in Mill Valley. I can only say that the only "work" I do is begging you all to join me every second Saturday morning - the real work is 100% a group effort, and I just want to say that I appreciate and thank every one of you for your support in our little endeavors and adventures. Together we are making a difference. Our work is enabling the City's Dept of Public Works to focus on more complex tasks. As examples there are new railing on SLP23A at the end of Millside, new steps on SLP110 through Kathleen Norris Park, new railings behind the Library. I believe we will see some other great SLP initiatives out of the DPW in 2020; they've been a great partner for us.

We've done a pretty great job of upgrading so many of our SLPs that were in need of maintenance that we are running out of the truly hard projects. This is good news. As we head into the new year I would like to encourage more of us, especially those of us who live near an SLP and maybe cannot make the second Saturday events, to consider the Adopt-an-SLP initiative. If you are interested in doing so, let me know.

Lastly, I think we might want to consider a "meeting" (ew) sometime in the next few months. I'd like to discuss, and maybe solicit some help with:

1) Taking the Adopt-an-SLP effort to a new level

2) Identifying new projects for us to tackle

3) Exploring teaming with Homestead Valley to refurbish the Coyote Trail Steps (starts down to Homestead Valley right across the street from the top of the Dipsea steps)

4) Marketing, SWAG, Fundraising (?), Pot Luck Party and BBQ

More on this all at a future date.

Cheers, and again, thanks for all that you do!


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