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2nd Saturday is here! Join us Feb. 8, 2020 Miller Grove

Hi all,

OK, we have a project and a plan. GOOD NEWS - No Stairs! We are going to tidy up the pathway (rake, place some tan bark and a little bit of rock...) that comprises the un-numbered SLP running through MILLER GROVE.

This pathway was part of the Mt Tam Railway in its heyday. It is now a peaceful part of a nice park which is used by hundreds of folks as they walk between Blithedale Canyon to town. It is located between W. Blithedale and Corte Madera Avenue just northwest of City Hall. We will be working on the Corte Madera Avenue side of the creek. Parking is sketchy - consider walking down from town with a coffee (in your reusable cup).



Rakes (especially garden rakes vs leaf rakes if you have such)

This will be a great project for KIDS by the way.

See you Saturday.


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