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Hi Volunteers! SLP 214 this Saturday

Hi all,

I hope you have had a great holiday (or are still having a great holiday!) and are ready to start working off those extra holiday lbs with your fellow SLP Friends. We are going to kick off the new year with an easy project - mostly raking and a bit of trimming and such. Easy Peasy.

Last year we re-rocked the stairs of SLP214, which runs from Cottage down to W. Blithedale. The steps are in good shape, but like so many of the SLPs around town it is covered in slippery leaves and some other plants (bamboo...) that we will be removing.

9am Saturday January 11

Meet at the bottom of SLP214 on W. Blithedale. SLP214 is located adjacent to 222 W. Blithedale.




Pruning tools

Hedge Clippers

A Friend

If we knock off 214 really quickly then we will meander over to 64/60 which is down the street...then over to 53.

See you next Saturday!


415-385-1614 if you have questions.

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