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Join Us Sept. 14th, 9am-Noon

Hi all,

I trust you've all had a great Labor Day weekend and are enjoying the fact that the kids are back in school, the weather has become perfect again, and you've realized how much you miss being out on the SLPs with the rest of your fellow volunteers. Well, this September 14th, we have a very fun little project planned. This one will be good for all - kids, moms, dads, millennials, athletes, couch potatoes and everyone else.

We are going to RAKE THE FOREST! Our illustrious Resident [sic] has suggested that this would be a good idea, so what the heck, let's do it. After all, what could go wrong? Just kidding (sort of), we are going to clean up the TRAIL and STEPS on SLP 352, a very magical and beautiful walk in the woods off of Blithedale Canyon going all the way up to both Manzanita Place and Ralston Avenue. I promise you if you have not been on this SLP yet you are in for a surprise.

Parking near this trail basically sucks, so I suggest we meet at the BOTTOM (see map) just above Blithedale off of Marsh Drive. That way we can find parking on Blithedale.

What to bring:



Leaf rake (main tool)

Sense of humor

A friend

Please RSVP ( so I have an idea who and how many of you lucky souls will be there. Call or email me if you have questions, are confused by the map or otherwise just baffled by life.



P.S. We are not going to clear the forest of flammable material - we are simply going to work to make the trail and steps wonderful and to explore the need for a future project. Mostly we are going to enjoy being in the woods vs on some sun soaked hillside and explore a new SLP.

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