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Join us July 13th, 2019! SLP 323

Hi all,

Welcome to summertime when our Steps Lanes and Paths are used by so many in the community. We are all doing a great job of helping the City keep the SLPs in good shape, but it is a never-ending task. Thankfully it is FUN and REWARDING for those who show up to help.

Our July 13 Second Saturday project will be a good one. Not too hard, not too easy. Just right. We are going to tune up the steps and pathway known as either SLP323 or the "Seaver Stairs" which runs from just adjacent to the new Community Garden next to the Public Safety Building (across from Hawke Park) and up to Seaver Drive. This is a LONG route, and thus it will be great to see a LOT of volunteers.

All we are really going to do is to remove a slew of weeds and such growing along the edges of the pathway and stair treads. Mostly easy work done with hoes and hand tools as you can see from the attached pictures. We will have some easy raking (good for kids!) and of course the usual carrying down of all of the stuff and filling paper bags for removal by the City on Monday... There will be something to do for all ages!

There are over 150 people on this distribution list - AWESOME - and each month we see new faces which is so fun!

Some of us are getting to know a lot of folks in Mill Valley we wouldn't otherwise know, so JOIN US!

When: Saturday July 13 9am - Noon (we often finish earlier, and of course if you only have an hour to give that's fine too)

Where: SLP323 on Hamilton Drive (see map. park at the Hawke Park parking lot and walk over)

Bring: Gloves, Water, Hat, hoes, rakes, other weeding tools, sense of humor, A FRIEND.

RSVP: Always appreciated. Never required.

I will send out a reminder.

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