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2nd Saturday Volunteer Day Fun! June 8th, 2019

Hi all,

We are going to do some much needed work this Saturday morning clearing the insane growth from SLP101, the pathway that runs along the creek from Valley Circle to Camino Alto. This SLP (it's a "P") is much used when it is clear, alas this winter's rains have wreaked havoc and we need to do some serious whacking and cutting and such.

We will meet at the Valley Circle end of the pathway, adjacent to the bridge that crosses the creek. You can park on either side of the bridge - my guess is that parking may be easier on the Miller side of the creek just up the road towards town from Tamalpie.


- GLOVES (I also suggest long sleeves and pants)

- Weed whacker if you have one


- Weeding sickle, steel blade grass whip or hand weeded

- Hedge clippers (giant scissors) if you have

- Rakes

- Hoes

- Water

- Sense of Humor

This will be a good one for kids - we will be hauling out a lot of cut material and kids are awesome at that!

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