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2nd Saturday Project May, 11 2019 - Oh Boy!

So sorry to be a tad late with this notice, but heck, better late than never! Our next 2nd Saturday volunteer project is coming up in 3 days - Saturday May 11 9-Noon. This month we are going to tackle a really exciting, challenging and risky project: WE ARE GOING TO TRIM POISON OAK ON THE CYPRESS TRAIL!

Given the challenge, here are the plans:

1. No kids this month, sorry.

2. Volunteers MUST wear gloves, long sleeve shirts and long pants.

3. Volunteers must bring with them a handheld hedge trimmer (see pictures below)

4. We will split up in order to cover sections of the trail and each group will cut back any poison oak they see around the trail. If it falls onto the trail we will kick it off (but not pick it up).

5. I encourage sturdy shoes and a snack or water.

There are 3 entry points to the Cypress Trail. One at the end of Cypress Drive at the top, one up a side trail off of Rose, and one from the bottom coming up from Cascade on the Tenderfoot trail. Depending on how many volunteers we get I will try to coordinate the teams.

SO, ready for some fun in the woods? I hope so. Please RSVP with name and number (and if you know the trail, a preferred entry point.)

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