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Volunteer Day, Sat. April 13th, 2019

Hope you are out there enjoying the trails! Our next Second Saturday volunteer effort will be a great one for ANYBODY. If you can pull a weed, you are overqualified, so no excuses this time!

We are going to clean up SLP#14, a pretty neat wood and gravel staircase running from Molino (top) down to Mirabel (bottom). Mirabel cuts uphill from Ethel right as Ethel reaches its highest point. The bottom of SLP#14 is near 28 Mirabel.

This pathway has a LOT of weed and grasses, and just needs a great going over. We will not be digging. We will not be hauling rock. We will just be pulling up weeds, trimming and pruning, etc. And we will be laughing and enjoying doing something for others to enjoy. (Maybe we will put down a little bit of tan bark - tbd)

Be there! 9am-Noon Saturday April 13



Weeding tools

Pointy hoe if you have one

Rakes large and small




Sense of humor

See you then.


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