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"LET'S DO THIS!" Sat. Nov 10th

OK, so Fall is definitely here, and Fall is so named (according to me) because the leaves fall and they bunch up on our staircases and can cause us to fall if we slip. So we'd better clean up some of those stairs!

We are going to spread out a tad this time, depending on how many folks show up, and rake and sweep as many staircases as possible starting with SLP23 which we missed last month, and also SLP's 33, 34 and 35 - as well as any others we so choose to tackle. See the attached map.

Directions to the SLPs will be given on Saturday morning at 9am when we meet by the pedestrian bridge to the Dipsea Trail in OLD MILL PARK.. This should be a fun and relatively easy day. We will get to walk from one SLP to another, and of course this Volunteer Day is PERFECT for FAMILIES.

What to bring:


Reusable water bottle, full

Leaf rakes


Battery powered blowers

Sense of humor

RSVP (reply, not reply all) please.

Thanks, Hugh

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