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This Saturday's Fun, Oct. 13, 2018

Hi all,

If you've never participated on one of our 2nd Saturday volunteer efforts and are looking for a fun and easy one

to join us on this is your weekend!

We are planning a cleanup of two long and well used steps, the Dipsea and SLP 23, at the upper end of the quarry parking lot.

We will be raking and sweeping these stairs, and cutting the first 4 feet up the trunks of any trees impacted by ivy alongside the trails.

Saturday 9am - Noon

Meet at the foot of the Dipsea Steps across from the footbridge in Old Mill Park.

This will be a great started project for families or kids. Please let Bill Lang know if you are coming so he can plan our efforts. Bill's email is s

You do not need to be there for the full 3 hours. We start at 9, and leave when we are finished which is totally dependent on who shows up. If you can provide an hour, fine.

Please bring:

Water & Gloves

Also, bring (if you have them):



Battery-powered blowers

Hand pruners

Hedge clippers

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