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More Second Saturday FUN! August 11th, 2018 9am-Noon

OK, we are all set to spiff up SLP184, a staircase that runs from Margarite to Magee in Blithedale Canyon next Saturday morning (See Map Below).

This project will entail:

- Trimming and Pruning and Weeding

- Shovelling out a small (1-2" deep) space behind each stair tread

- Placing road base aka rock in the shovelled out space

- Tamping the road base

The City has recently installed a wonderful handrail on this SLP, and we are going to finish up the job so that this staircase is looking great and ready for 10+ years of busy use.

We can use anyone and everyone for this project. The more the merrier, especially as we "bucket brigade" the rock in partially filled buckets down the trail (much easier with lots of folks). Even kids can help as the empty buckets need to be moved back up the steps, and of course we need a cheering squad.

What to bring:


WATER in your own reusable container





Hedge clippers

Branch loppers

10gal white buckets with handles

A friend or two

See you there!

P.S. Parking is likely to be NOT GOOD. Plan accordingly.

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