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SLP Adopters ROCK!

FIrst off, I want to THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for stepping up to help our community have the most wonderful network of staircases, lanes and paths anywhere. They are used by the community - you and your neighbors - to get to school, visit friends, shortcut to town or simply meander around for exercise and fun!

And of course should our community be endangered with wildfire they will undoubtedly be used as a means of evacuation, escape or exit (thus the blue 'E" signs on the streets).

With well over 100 improved SLPs in town it is very challenging for the small Dept. of Public Works staff to keep all of the SLPs in tip top shape, and between the Friends of the SLPs 2nd Saturday volunteer efforts and the commitment of our SLP Adopters we are starting to see some wonderful improvements. THANK YOU.

The Friends of the SLPs is currently working on some things to recognize you for your efforts.

In the meantime, I do hope you are keeping an eye on your adopted SLP every month or so. If you find that you need a hand with anything by all means let me know.

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